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DOMINATION INC. has entered the Studio to record new record





After the release of "Memoir 414" and after the covid-19 period, the band has entered a new era. 

The band states: "We are really excited to enter Devasoundz Studios, along with Fotis Benardo to produce the new record. This time we went super creative, trying lots of new and cool ways to express our emotions during the pandemic.  Like the rest of the world we couldn't stand anymore of the covid situation. 


New Video for the song "Culling" is here!! OUT NOW!

New Album "MEMOIR 414" is here!! OUT NOW!





Finally, "Memoir 414" is out, kicking and screaming!! 

The band states: "We are extremely proud and excited to share it with all of you!! We would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts every single one who contributed in the making of this album! Fotis Benardo and Devasoundz Studios, Henrik Udd and Henrik Udd Recordings Studio, Vagelis Petikas and revolver design, Manthos Stergiou and Manster Design, Manoletsos & Nick (Hayatis n 'Hayatis)  of Screaming mango productions, and last but not least Olly and SPV GmbH / Steamhammer for their dedication and trust!"

New Album anailable as CD digipack edition, dowload and stream!! 

To grab a physical copy:

For your digital copy:

Order Now!

New Single "Cutting Edge" is out NOW!!


New single, new video and new single cover for the third single of "Memoir 414." The song "Cutting Edge", this time the album opener is here available on all digital platform! 



You can watch the new video here:



The new album "Memoir 414" will be released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019  through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak version, LP version, download and stream:

Domination cutting edge Mid.jpg

New Single "The Eye" is out NOW!!




Greek Thrash Metal powerhouse DOMINATION INC. releasing second single and video!!



 The song "The Eye" is taken from the forthcoming album "Memoir 414".



You can watch the video here:




The new album "Memoir 414" will be released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019  through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak version, LP version, download and stream:

New Single "The Sickening" is out NOW!!




Athens, Greece, based Thrash Metal Commando Domination Inc. is releasing its first new single and video. The song "The Sickening" is taken from the forthcoming album "Memoir 414".



You can watch the video here:


Elsewhere, you get pummelled by compact sledgehammers, yet ‘The Sickening’ comes like a blood transfusion for the genre. Similar to the way The Haunted rejuvenated it via furious hardcore without giving up on catchy melodies. Consequently ‘The Sickening’ is accompanied by a stylish video clip and might be the record’s most representative tune.



The new album "Memoir 414" will be released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019  through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak version, LP version, download and stream:


New artwork and tracklist has been revealed!


"Memoir 414" artwork is finally here!! 

Created by Revolver Design: Vagelis Petikas, the concept artwork matches perfectly the CD concept and thus creating this unique piece of art. 

The constant battle of humanity to face both good and evil from both inner self and outside world. 


01. Cutting Edge

02. Day VIII: Deus' Ignorance

03. The Sickening

04. Dark City

05. Dehumanized

06. CRUX, NUX, LUX...

07. The Eye

08. Culling

09. Love me Forever (Motorhead)

DOMINATION INC. joining forces with SPV/Steamhammer

Hailing from Athens, Greece, the 5piece - though very young still – delivers its sophomore album already: “Memoir 414”.

The long player is tentatively scheduled for a later summer release.Full of smashes, this one calls for some major attention.

DOMINATION INC. is thrilled to have joined forces with Germany’s iconic metal brand SPV/Steamhammer for the release of “Memoir 414” and more!

The Greeks are filling the void that splits modern groove from powerful thrash and is heralding a new age of heavy metal, providing highly energetic music and live shows.

The band recently decided to variate its previous name “Domination” into the slightly altered “Domination INC.” to stand out from the crowd.

Under its previous name, the band already tore apart many domestic and international places, sharing the stage with the likes of Kreator, Moonspell, Annihilator, Behemoth, Decapitated, or Sepultura - even headlining European and UK tours. DOMINATION INC. also enjoyed festivals like Wacken Open Air, Total Metal Festival, Schoolwave festival (Sakis Tolis from Rotting Christ sang 2 songs with Domination Inc. as a guest in here), or Heartcore fest, etc.

Magazines and webzines from across the globe (like Germany, UK, Poland, Italy, Mexico, China, Chile and many more) benevolently covered the band’s works and - most important – found the band’s highly energetic live show excitingly capturing and impressive. As UK web zine put it: “…Amazing. Just a proper professional metal show - they had the place engaged, bouncing and headbanging from start to finish. It was one of those magical moments, when you go to a venue expecting one thing - maybe something a bit average, something that you've seen before - and you get so much more”.

So be prepared for more. Be prepared for DOMINATION INC. in 2019. It is then you don’t miss a thing!

spv announcment.jpg

New album "Memoir 414" to be released during August via SPV/Steamhammer

Second studio album by the greek Thrash Metal band DOMINATION INC. has been announced for August 23rd, 2019


During the five years that have passed since their bombshell first record came out, Domination Inc. have gone from strength to strength within the worldwide metal scene while they received rave reviews for both their studio recordings and stage performance. As a support act, the Greek powerhouse made heavyweights such as Kreator, Annihilator or Sepultura break into a cold sweat for fear of getting upstaged, headlined successful international concerts and left its mark at festivals like the Wacken Open Air.


After such a tour de force and given the experience the musicians gained, it is out of question to call them “Infants of Thrash” any longer, as the debut title suggested …but if there are still doubts about that, their second album Memoir 414 will sweep them aside in style.

With the groundwork done by the band in collaboration with former Septic Flesh drummer Fotis Benardo at the helm of renowned Devasoundz Studios, the mastering job was entrusted to the practised hands of Henrik Udd (Architects, At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir and many more), and the result can only be described as state-of-the-art, setting thrash metal standards and thereby raising the bar for any genre act, upcoming and established alike.


In this regard, the tense political and social climate on their home turf and beyond cannot leave any attentive artist cold either. “For sure, Greece is were we come from and, as our local environment, has an impact on the music we make,” affirms Alpha, nevertheless quickly adding that they consider themselves to be global players. “These songs are meant to be a fresh start with which we want to make a difference.” Therefore, although “Inc.” was affixed to their moniker due to legal issues, it comes at just the right time in the quintet’s career to distinguish it even more poignantly from the mediocre pack: Domination Inc. are truly incorporated – an organised, well-oiled machine set to, in the truest sense of the word, … dominate!


The new album "Memoir 414" will be released worldwide on August 23rd, 2019  through SPV/Steamhammer as a CD digipak version, LP version, download and stream.

Domination changes their name to "DOMINATION INC."


Domination gives way to DOMINATION INC.
Although “Inc.” was affixed to the band's moniker due to legal issues, it comes at just the right time as the band is now ready to move on to a new era!

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